Safety First

Maxus Cross is committed to meeting our environmental, health and safety goals to maintain a constant safe and healthy workplace. We aggressively target and identify unsafe conditions, hazards, and actions in an effort to prevent injury or harm to our customers, employees, and the general public. By prioritizing repairs, mitigating risks, and maintaining a 24/7 productivity for your pipeline, we’ll help each of our partners meet their industry’s rigorous safety demands on every job.
Environmentally Responsible Protecting the environment is the utmost priority during operations. Our procedures minimize waste and maximize environmental protection. We aim for excellence in environmental conservancy at every level of our organization. We make every effort to continuously improve safety procedures and set environmental stewardship examples for our communities. Our cost-conscious and practical solutions ensure your company operates within regulations and reduce or altogether eliminate risks to the environment and your business as a whole.
Safety Mission Maxus Cross Safety First, Safety Always! Our employees are current in all DOT required operator qualifications, CPR, equipment, drug/alcohol programs, health and safety training. Our technicians are fully trained in pipeline-specific techniques and a diverse array of field conditions. We constantly keep our customers informed of necessary changes unique to their operations in order to help them meet the needs of their programs.