About Us

At Maxus Cross, we’re proud of the personal way we are able to interact with our customers. We’re a hands-on company whose owners are in the field everyday doing the very same work as our employees because we care deeply about ensuring the job is done well. When you choose to rely on Maxus Cross Integrity, you won’t get some stranger from across the country answering your calls and giving you hollow assurances. We’re personally involved on every level, providing face-to-face, hands-on customer service for every customer. We understand that it’s unrealistic to simply hire people and expect them to be successful on their own from the beginning – that’s why we oversee the work of our employees to ensure every job is handled as professionally and safely as possible. You’ll quickly find that the crew at Maxus Cross Integrity are fully committed to performing the highest quality pipeline integrity management and creating personal relationships with our clients. Our business is about establishing a positive work environment with a successful track record of satisfied customers in the oil and gas industry. To enlist the services of a trustworthy and dedicated company that offers a wide range of quality pipeline integrity management to companies in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, New Mexico, and anywhere else in the USA, contact Maxus Cross Integrity today!

Why Choose Maxus Cross?

Progressive Technology and Equipment

• At Maxus Cross, we are continuously developing new cutting edge technologies and processes learned from our experiences in the field to stay at the forefront of the pipeline industry.
• Our equipment is customized to our specific work, our years of experience have helped with increasing efficiency and reliability of the equipment we use in the field. Service
• Our friendly, highly trained specialists are committed to superior service. They understand all aspects of pipeline integrity and will work with you to accomplish your project in a safe and timely manner. Safety
• Safety is the number one priority at Maxus Cross. Our crews are current in DOT operator qualifications, drug testing, CPR, health and safety training. Environmentally Responsible
• Protecting the environment is the utmost priority during operations. Our procedures are developed to minimize waste and maximize environmental protection.